Mom's Group- Swearengen/Tackett

Thursday at 9:30 AM
Palm and Gettysburg


This group is open to all moms.

The leaders of this mom group have been a part of The Well for many years and love the opportunity to fellowship with other moms. They are passionate about making time to study and apply God's word in the busy season of mothering. They love the small group time because it has been a source of authentic fellowship and encouragement. They hope to continue to deepen the friendships that have been made while also making new ones. 

How we connect to God
We will be studying The wisdom of God by Nancy Guthrie.

How we connect to each other
We have big and small group discussion, play dates, community days, etc.
Child care: Child care is available for $20 per semester.

How we live on mission in every neighborhood
We do a Safe Families fundraiser for Serve Fresno every year and we will look for other service opportunities that come up!

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